Mountain View

Alex Payne 14tc Keynote

140 | The Twitter Conference launched on March 8th, 2009, and the first event was held in Mountain View, CA, at the Computer History Museum, on May 26-2th, 2009. We sold out at just over 300 attendees, and everyone had a fantastic time.


The Buzz

Here’s a few selected quotes from conference attendees:

From Scott Budman, at NBC News:

From the tiny start-up (PeopleBrowsr), to the well-established (Yahoo!), the aptly-named “140” (am I the only one reminded of a U2 song about a Psalm here?) brought all comers together to, in many cases, actually meet face-to-face with people they’d been hitting up on their Twitter feeds.

From Brent Harrison, at SmokeJumping:

I rarely attend conferences (or not nearly as much as I’d like to) but I will make a point of attending another conference that utilizes Twitter and involves the conference participants in such intelligent and impactful ways.

From Tara Hunt on Horsepigcow:

I showed this wee slideshow to open up our panel at 140 | The Twitter Conference today (great conference, btw) to demonstrate the essence of what I think is the reason that Twitter has captured our imaginations.

From the Social Studies Blog:

Throughout the two days of the first ever Twitter Conference in Mountain View, CA (hashtag: #140tc), it was apparent that Twitter, the platform as we know it, is only the beginning.

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