140 | The Twitter Conference is a two-day, two-track event. Here’s a schedule of the sessions we’ve booked so far (detailed session info below the grid).


Developer Track

Tuesday, September 22nd – Developer Track

Up and Running With the Twitter API

Speakers: Ryan Sarver

Developers turn religious about their tools as they become paralyzed by the learning curve to adopt a new technology. The Twitter API’s simplicity has led a flock of developers to flock to it in droves. In this session, you will learn the basics of one of the Web’s easiest APIs, and understand why adoption has been swift and pervasive.

Learn what data is available through the API * Code examples and open source libraries * Application best practices and conventions * Where to find help * How Twitter interacts and manages the community * Finding liberation in constraints

API Changes: Looking At the Roadmap for Version 2.0

Speaker: Alex Payne

Twitter plans to introduce version 2 of their API in the next few months. Learn about the planned changes and how to adjust your apps accordingly.

Building OAuth into Your Application

Panelists: Alex Payne, Damon Cortesi, Moderator: Joel Strellner

Compared to basic authentication offered through the Twitter API, OAuth promises a more secure and streamlined way to access user data. Despite it’s touted advantages, OAuth is still being scrutinized by the developer community. Good OAuth implementation comes with its own challenges, ranging from the need to port existing users from basic auth to adding a layer of complication in mobile user interface design. In this session, experienced developers will talk about how they’ve integrated OAuth into their applications, how to work with OAuth Tokens, and why you should be using OAuth in the first place.

How to build OAuth into your code * Read vs. Read-Write access * Why you should expire your users’ OAuth tokens

Developer Launchpad

Awesome Developers

Check out the unveiling of eight fantastic Twitter apps. Developers will get five minutes on stage to demo their new and improved apps to attendees at 140 | The Twitter Conference.

Wednesday, September 23rd – Developer Track

Geolocation: Building Your App To Be Location Aware

Speaker: Ryan Sarver

Developers have been hacking the location field in Twitter profiles for ages, dropping various location codes into an empty text field just to build rudimentary location-aware services. But accurate Geolocation data opens up an entirely new category of functionality for developers building on the Twitter platform. In this session, Twitter’s Geolocation lead Ryan Sarver will talk about the creation of the Geolocation API and it’s implementation.

What does the Geolocation API offer developers? * What’s next for Geolocation with Twitter? * Privacy concerns and best practices

Building High Grade Security into Your Twitter App

When users can hop from one app to another with a few clicks of the mouse, earning a user’s trust is extremely important. Security goes hand in hand with user trust; when your code, and your user data, is vulnerable to attack, it creates a problem for your business. Learn how to build strong security measures into your Twitter app from this panel of security experts.

Scale This: Building Your App For A Massive Audience

Building a working Twitter app is one thing, but designing it to scale, either to a potential audience of millions large, or just to parse the incredible amount of data Twitter produces – is another issue entirely. Our panel of successful developers will show you how they’ve dealt with the challenges presented by significant spikes in traffic and user requests.

How the rate limits actually work * How to deal with the Ashton’s of the world * Twitter security itself * The way Twitter handles replies vs mentions

Monetizing the Twitter Platform: How Your App Can Make You Rich

Building a popular application is one thing, and making a living from it is something else. A savvy developer can turn a little hard work into a serious revenue stream if they know what works and what doesn’t. Charging the user for your service can be suicide in some cases, and more lucrative than serving ads in others. Our panel of market-oriented developers will talk about how they built successful business models for their Twitter-based applications.

Where are ads appropriate and profitable * How to build an app with a business model in mind * Can you charge users for an application? * Do Freemium models work?

Main Track

Tuesday, September 22nd

Biz Stone Keynote

Growing Your Brand on Twitter: Strategies and Tactics from the Trenches

Creating a Twitter account is only the first step in creating a strong brand presence on Twitter. Ongoing communication with members of your community and building personal relationships takes time, effort, and intelligence; the wrong attitude or the wrong internal structure can hamper your efforts from the beginning. This panel of brand experts will share their successful strategies for building a strong following on Twitter for both individuals and businesses.

How Twitter integrates into a larger social branding strategy * Identifying brand influencers * Being personal vs being commercial * Building a growth strategy * Who tweets for you? * Do you have one company account or multiple accounts?

Media Integration Strategies: Incorporating Twitter Into Your Existing Properties

It’s no secret that mainstream media has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon in a big way — but how many are really tapping into the full potential of the platform? Taking questions from viewers or displaying comments in a ticker is a good start, but it barely scratches the surface of what Twitter has to offer publishers and broadcasters. Those who have fully embraced the platform have been able to exponentially improve their understanding of what resonates with their audience while generating buzz, traffic, and content at the same time. In this session, producers and content programmers will discuss how they’ve fully immersed their sites and shows into the Twitosphere and reaped big rewards in the process.

Favored tools and techniques for monitoring and interacting with your audience * Content generation: how tweets become features * Detecting and acting on trends * Cross-platform automation techniques * Rolling up and filtering of multiple Twitter sources and searches * Polls and contests

Lunch Panel — The Comedy Session: Being Funny, In Short

Panelists: Tucker Max, Loni Love, Chris Hardwick, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Moderator: Jason Preston
Twitter is fertile ground for laughter. Comedians are flocking to the platform as a way to test material, build fan bases, and entertain the world. Learn how Twitter is helping this panel of top comedians create new jokes and draw crowds, and how humor can be an effective tool in the arsenal of short communication.

Building an audience by being funny * How comedy in 140 characters is different * Using Twitter to help your comedy career

Social Gaming: Monetization and Brand Building via Twitter

Developers have discovered that Twitter provides a fertile environment for games, contests, quizzes and other competitive or recreational activities. Games like Spymaster have stellar engagement numbers and prove that the monetization of gaming Twitter is not only possible, but profitable. This session will talk about why the Twitter platform is well-suited to gaming and how organizations can take advantage of Twitter’s social platform to assist them in their promotional (and revenue-driving) efforts.

Using games to drive followership * Driving revenue with virtual currency and in-game economies * Ad strategies * How to integrate branded content * What makes a game go viral * Approaches toward licensing * Twitter-specific platform considerations.

The Music Panel: Lessons from Engaged Artists

While MySpace may be the 800 pound gorilla of the social music space, Twitter is quickly emerging as an essential online platform for cultivating strong active fanbases. In this session, musicians who have reaped rewards from a Twitter-focused strategy will share how they connect with their fans, how it can drive sales, and how these strategies and tactics can apply to other realms.

Communicating with a large fan base * Using Twitter to go big * Converting twitter followers to paying customers

Twitter and Celebrity: A Match Made in Heaven?

While Geeks and silicon valley-centric early adopters initially dominated the Twitter ecosystem, the collective voice has experienced a seismic shift toward a more celebrity/hollywood-centric tone. When scores of movie stars can individually generate followership numbering at the million plus level, an analysis of their online influence demands consideration. Dr. Drew Pinsky coauthored the first systematic, empirical study of celebrity personality and has written extensively about modern America’s celebrity media culture. In addition, he has his own following of a million-plus Twitter fans. In this session, Pinsky will moderate a discussion among fellow Twitter “superstars” that will attempt to answer the following questions:

* Why do celebrities flock to Twitter, and why are so many people interested in what they had for breakfast?

* What are the more effective tools and techniques that celebrities use to maintain and grow their Twitter presence?

* Monitoring and responding to relevant comments and messages — how does one stay on top of it all?

* For the (non-famous!) marketing and PR professional, what useful lessons can be extracted from the celebrity experience?

* What monetization lessons are there? Are any celebrities converting their Twitter influence into direct revenue? If so — how, and can it be emulated by non-celebrities?

* Are “ghost” (staff) Tweets legitimate? What are the long-term ramifications of not authoring your own posts?

* Dealing with impostors: Are verified accounts the solution?

The Official 140tc Tweetup

The Taper Courtyard

When: 5:30-7:30pm, Tuesday, September 22nd.
Where: The Taper Courtyard at the Skirball.

Music by: Hypnogaja

Wednesday, September 23rd

Tony Robbins Keynote

Tips & Tricks: Tools and Techniques of the Twitterati

The Twitterati are masters at gaining followers, driving conversation, and assimilating the tsunami of commentary and links that stream to them on a daily basis. There are literally hundreds of apps for the desktop and for mobile devices that can simplify the often daunting task sifting through the stream. In this session, our panel of experts will show off their favorite Twitter-centric strategies, tactics, and tools.

Services and utilities you can’t live without * Writing Tweets that get attention and retweeted * Smart followership — knowing who (and how many) to follow * The best devices and software for mobile and desktop posting * Timing your Tweets

Twitter and Social CRM: Best Practices Revealed

Your audience is Tweeting about you, your products, and your competitors. From pre-purchase research to post-purchase support, millions of people every day are seeking guidance and answers on Twitter. How you and your team choose to engage (or not) in these conversations could encompass the most important CRM decisions you’ll make this year.

This session will feature several representatives from companies who have been actively engaging in Twitter and have seen positive results from their efforts. They’ll share the strategies, tactics, and tools that they’ve developed for effectively monitoring, prioritizing, alerting, assigning, and reporting on relevant interactions within Twitter.

Monitoring tools and services * Staffing issues: Who responds and when * Managing multiple responders within a single Twitter account * Integrating Twitter within existing CRM frameworks.

Growing Your Followership: Quality Not Quantity?

Most Twitterers would agree that having 100 targeted, influential followers is better than having 1,000 random followers with little reach. Nevertheless, everyone wants more followers; it’s easy to measure, and easier to brag about. Our panelists have all succeeded at building a large, targeted following and will share their favorite techniques and tools.

Topics that drive interest * What subjects drive followers away * Finding original content * @Replies — how much conversation works best? * What tools and services really make a difference?

Unconference Lunch


Attendees will be given the chance to propose and vote on sessions they would like to see. The winning session (and its proposed presenters) will be given this hour to use.

Causes and Campaigns: How Nonprofits and Political Campaigns Drive Conversion with Twitter

Whether it’s a national presidential campaign or a local PTA fundraiser, Twitter has rapidly become an essential platform in driving donations to political and charitable campaigns. Stories and messages travel easily on Twitter, leapfrogging from follower to follower, and tools that allow people to send money through Twitter make asking for donations a no-brainer.

In this session, learn how San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is using Twitter to help drive his Gubernatorial campaign, and hear from leading nonprofit strategists how Twitter is becoming indispensable in spreading their message and powering their fundraising.

How far does a tweet go? * How best to ask for donations * How instant feedback changes the political and nonprofit system * Your web site vs your Twitter presence

Mining Twitter: Extracting Value From Conversations and Connections

When people talk about promising uses for the rich data stream provided by the Twitter APIs, discussion frequently turns to two related applications: Brand monitoring and investment management.

In both cases professionals with discretionary budgets desire timely (and polar) commentary that surrounds products and companies. In addition, these two arenas often require managers to take immediate and appropriate action with limited information. The right decisions can build fortunes, the wrong ones can doom careers (and companies.)

Twitter data is uniquely suited to these applications. The immediacy of the information flow, along with the ability to detect geography and relative influence is unparalleled. In this session, we’ll see how leaders in both spaces are taking advantage of what Twitter has to offer.

Dealing with sentiment * Assigning weight and importance to extracted data * Structuring: Filtering and tagging methods.

The Future of Twitter

Twitter is shaking up the Web 2.0 landscape by accelerating communication and lowering the walls traditionally imposed on social media tools. This panel of internet thought leaders and early adopters will discuss how our experience is changing, and what Twitter can or should do to maintain their leadership position.

New trends in communication * Where Twitter is going next * Is blogging going to be replaced by microblogging?