Two New Sessions on the Grid: Making Money from Your App and Implementing Security

by Joseph on July 17, 2009

I’m happy to point out that on the new schedule page you’ll find two brand-new sessions. Building High Grade Security into Your Twitter App and Monetizing the Twitter Platform: How Your App Can Make You Rich.

The second session is actually a revamp of a session we drafted for the conference in Mountain View. I’m happy to say that we’re going to be able to fit it into our two-track schedule this time around.

In a nutshell: everyone knows you can build a Twitter app with an idea and weekend size order of Dominos take-out, but turning an app into a working business is a real challenge. We’ll be putting people up on stage who are successfully pulling money in from their Twitter apps so you can hear about how they’re doing it.

The first session is a little less sexy but very important. Security is really the unspoken basis of user trust, and it’s not always easy to get it right.

Properly protecting your code and the data you collect is hugely important, especially when users can hop to similar apps in a matter of minutes. So we’re going to have a group of really savvy security pros to help make sure you can bulletproof your app.

Sound interesting? You should grab your conference ticket now.

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