To Some Social Media Consultants, Twitter Squatting Equals Prospecting

by Steve Broback on June 29, 2009

In the Wall Street Journal article Companies Cope With Twitter Impostors, reporter Sarah Needleman takes on the topic of faked Twitter profiles (something we’ll cover in depth at our next Twitter Conference.) Our keynoter Biz Stone is referenced in the article as saying that there are currently no plans to offer an authentication service for businesses. (We suspect that will change soon BTW.)

Since the consulting market is saturated with “social media experts,” some have turned to Twitter-squatting as a way to drive new business.

Amusement-park operator Cedar Fair LP, of Sandusky, Ohio, received an email from a marketing consultant who had created a Twitter profile in the name of its Cedar Point amusement park. The consultant, David Goebel, president of Goebel Group Inc., offered to relinquish control of the account in exchange for season passes to the Cedar Fair park and suggested that the company hire his firm to oversee its Twitter account.

Mr. Goebel, who confirmed the incident, surrendered the account at Cedar Fair’s request but says he feels the company should have given his proposal “some consideration.”

Gotta give the guy credit for trying I guess…

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