The Twitter Conference: Guidance for Prospective Speakers

by Joseph on July 13, 2009

As we’re putting the editorial together for the next Twitter Conference, we’re getting the usual barrage of speaker requests and session proposals to our speaker proposal inbox: speak140 [at] And we realized that it’d make life a little bit easier for everyone involved if we put out some guidance on what we’re looking for as we fill the session grid and speaker slots.

With that in mind, here’s Steve Broback, founder of the Parnassus Group, talking a little bit about who comes to this conference and what kinds of stories we like to see on the podium:

The upshot is that we’re looking for sessions that stress:

  • The pragmatic, not the theoretical: Our attendees are looking for real-world practical takeaways that can help their business grow. 
  • Advanced usage cases: Our attendees are not Twitter newbies, they have been using Twitter for some time. Presentations that mostly “cheerlead” (hand waving about how we’re all a part of a world-changing “revolution” etc. etc.) may be embraced at other conferences, but less so with our attendees. 
  • Primary knowledge: The most engaging case studies are those presented by the people directly involved. Second-hand experience is harder to impart.

We’re working really hard to fill the LA Conference with new and exciting stories from fresh presenters. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments or, of course, over on Twitter.


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