Announcing the Twitter Conference T-shirt Challenge Winner!

by Joseph on April 28, 2009

Drum roll please….

Our judges (speakers) have weighed in, and the winning submission is:


Congrats to Brian Westbrook (@bmw) who will be attending 140 for FREE, wearing his signature conference T! It was a close call, but sliding in 2nd, and the official Runner Up, is:

Save a vowel, Tweet a cwby

submitted by Dean Browell (@dbrowell). Dean will be receiving a free T. Nice job guys!

The stylin’ 140 conference T’s are available for purchase when you register of course, but if you can’t attend and would like to own one anyway, you’ll need to throw $15.00, plus a few bucks for shipping at us. Contact Kim Larsen (that’s kim AT and she’ll make sure you get one.

Thanks to all who participated (you guys who didn’t win – look to your e-mail soon for a little “thanks for participating” treat), and here’s a recap of all the fun and creative entries:

* Just tweeted this shirt (@claynewton)
* Save a vowel, Tweet a cwby (@dbrowell)
* #Hashtags are #Hashish, I’m addicted (@maryframer)
* Twitter, how Tweet it is! #140tc (@smi23le)
* Me and My Twitterati (see associated image here: (@brettbum)
* FOLLOW ME: 140 characters at a time (@toddbernhard)
* I entered a contest for a free Twitter conference ticket and all I got was this stupid tee shirt #140tc (@TeteSagehen)
* #tshirt (@bmw)
* #140tc @ymangum Must tweet to get a twitter tshirt (@ymangum)
* I love being followed… on twitter (@jmunn)
* You are now following @This_Shirt (@ischempp)
* Twitter: brevity is beautiful (@dondodge)
* It’s OK to follow me 😉 (@immunity)
* An image submission: (@MarinaMartin)
* How many You got followin’? (OPCGal)
* Twittin’ with my Tweets! (@penge1pete)
* ‘Hangin’ wit my Tweeps’ ‘Hangin’ with my Peeps’ (@pcrampton)
* If you don’t like my tweeting, reply to @idontcare with hashtag #foff (@purplehayz)
* I came, I saw, I tweeted. (@ashleybeamoore)
* follow me … i am a TWEET!! (@tonluong)
* Life is Twittersweet (@name_inspector)
* You say Twitter, I say Tweeter. Let’s call the whole thing off (@mattbuck_hack)
* What aren’t we doing? (@brianrose)
* The twit is hitting the fan (@christineptran)

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