Twitter Monitoring Tools: Tips, and Tactics for Staying on Top of the Buzz

Need to stay on top of what’s being tweeted about you and your competitors? Interested in growing your community by discovering and engaging with the people that are best aligned with your organization or brand? If so, this webinar will provide you with a wealth of free resources that are being leveraged everyday by people ranging from small business owners to Fortune 500 brand managers.

When people talk about promising uses for the rich data stream available from services like Twitter and Facebook, discussion frequently turns to brand monitoring.

Professionals with discretionary budgets desire timely (and polar) commentary that surrounds products and companies. In addition, managers are often required to take immediate and appropriate action with limited information. The right decisions can build fortunes, the wrong ones can doom careers (and companies.)

Twitter data is uniquely suited to these applications. The immediacy of the information flow, along with the ability to detect geography and relative influence is unparalleled. In this session, we’ll see how leaders in both spaces are taking advantage of what Twitter has to offer.

What will be covered:

Brand Monitoring:

  • All the best free monitoring tools and services
  • How to count click throughs to most tweeted links — including to competitors pages
  • Share of voice: free tools for comparing volumes of tweets on various topics over time
  • How to spot emerging sub-trends within larger issues instantly
  • Finding tweets long after they’ve vanished from Twitter search
  • Beyond keywords: How to tell when people tweet about you (or our competitors) even when they don’t mention any targeted terms
  • How to archive and retain tweets
  • Sentiment analysis: How to determine tone toward your company, product, or brand

Influencer Targeting and Outreach :

  • Influencer targeting: Finding, evaluating, and reaching out to the right tweeters
  • Visualizing relationships: Seeing who a tweeter is connected to
  • Geo targeting: Finding influencers by location
  • Visualizing the nature of someone’s audience on Twitter by aggregating the profile data of all their followers
  • Targeting your tweets: What’s is the best time to tweet to a specific person?
  • Services for measuring influence: It’s about a lot more more than just followers
  • Searching within a specific person’s archived twitter stream
  • Filtering for links only: Seeing what a user links to
  • Conversations: Who does a user talk to most via Twitter?

This one-hour instructional session at 1:00pm Pacific Time on February 22, 2011 is presented via the web and costs only $49. Space runs out at 95 people, so be sure to secure your spot by signing up today:

The way the seminar works

Signup couldn’t be easier — there’s no travel to book and no vacation days to clear. Just purchase a ticket on our eventbrite page and you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation of your purchase. Shortly after that, you’ll receive an e-mail from us containing a unique log-in for you to use on February 22nd.

About a day before the seminar, we’ll email you with the link leading directly to the seminar presentation. Log in using the username and password we mailed to you, and you’re set to go. You’ll be able to hear Steve talking through the online tool OR, if you’re unable to connect, we’ll have a dial-in line available as well.


Steve BrobackSteve Broback is the founder of the Parnassus Group, producers of the acclaimed Tweet House and “140” Twitter Conferences. Parnassus also is known for their Blog Business Summit and the Web Community Forum events. These gatherings have featured noted experts and Twitter personalites on stage such as Tony Hawk, Robert Scoble, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Tony Robbins, Ben Parr, iJustine, and even Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone.

“I know from experience that Parnassus throws an awesome event”Biz Stone, Twitter.

Steve is also the coauthor of Publish and Prosper: Blogging for Your Business (Peachpit Press, 2006.) He also co-founded Thunder Lizard Productions, (a technology event production company) which in 1991, became a subsidiary of Fawcette Technical Publications in 2000.