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Founded in 2004, Parnassus Group provides services to clients and partners seeking to participate in the social media space. We’ve helped everyone from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietorships in their efforts to leverage technologies like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

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Steve BrobackSteve Broback is the founder of the Blog Business Summit and the Web Community Forum conferences. He is also the coauthor of Publish and Prosper: Blogging for Your Business (Peachpit Press, 2006.) He also co-founded Thunder Lizard Productions, (a technology event production company) in 1991, which became a subsidiary of Fawcette Technical Publications in 2000.

At Thunder Lizard, Broback orchestrated some of the most successful technology events of the last 10 years focusing on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia DreamWeaver. He also produced TLP’s Web Design World, Macromedia Web World, and other events with attendees numbering in the tens of thousands.

bio kimKim Larsen is frequently tagged as the human equivalent of Adderall. She manages sales and operations at Parnassus Group.

A member of the team since 2004, Kim brings 15 years of executive leadership experience from companies such as Nordstrom and Hertling Industries where she served as Vice President of Women’s Wear.

Joseph Mouhanna spent the bulk of his career (19 years) at Microsoft, and the past 5 years running his own company, in a variety of software development, architecture and business development roles.

At Microsoft, he led some of the most important initiatives in broadband, VoIP, Video on Demand, Triple/Quad Play, wired/wireless networking, home/business automation and web services in an always connected world and served as Microsoft’s Chief Networking Architect. For the past five years, he’s been evolving these architectures, and refining concepts for the future of Social Networking and the end-to-end Architecture and ecosystem of the Digital Life.

Eric Anderson is business development manager for the Parnassus Group and has specialized in rainmaking for technology firms since 1983, and has sold everything from business jet avionics to business blogs. Eric worked closely with the founder of the Parnassus Group in the early 1990’s forging strategic relationships during the formative years of Thunder Lizard Productions — an event company that specialized in conferences covering the Web marketing space.

Along the way he acquired a taste for wine and some skill in Web database programming. His site, helps wine lovers buy direct from winemakers.

me200w2Jason Preston is the Vice President of Strategy and Product Management at the Parnassus Group.

Jason has worked with clients on shaping blogger engagement strategies, creating blogs, conceptualizing Facebook applications, and has spoken about Social Media at the Web Community Forum and at PodCamp Seattle. He has been quoted on social media and online communication technologies in the Sydney Morning Herald and in The Observer.

Jason is also the founding editor of Eat Sleep Publish, a blog and event series about the future of publishing.

iphone 138Perrine V. Crampton is the Social Media Manager at the Parnassus Group.

Perrine started her career with Bolt Beranek and Newman subsidiary BBN Communications where she was first bitten by the Internet media bug. She spent many years working in the corporate world (AT&T, Colgate-Palmolive, Symantec) and a few years working in some small start ups where she honed her skills as a Program, Project and Product Manager. Throughout her career, Perrine capitalized on her innate understanding of digital communications, it’s use in the corporate environment and became the Social Media Evangelist she is today.

Perrine is a true Social Media Evangelist. She is passionate about helping corporate organizations connect with customers and partners in new ways to achieve greater customer and partner engagement and satisfaction.

• Co-founder and Leader of Twitter Meetup (launching in multiple markets) using social media marketing via Twitter, Facebook, Videos and Pictures on YouTube and Flickr. We had 140 attendees at our first meetup! Ironic or divine? 😉

• Manage Facebook Developer meetup (1200 members) with monthly meetups and social media presence since June 2009

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