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New Sentimine Demo Site: MacBook Air

One of the coolest things happening at Parnassus Group is our unique sentiment tracking system called SentimineTM, which lets us track sentiment in the blogosphere. Sometimes that means comparing two different products, as with do with our iPhone vs Voyager site.

But we can also track simply the positive, neutral, and negative sentiment of a single product. That’s what we’ve done for our new Sentimine demo site for the MacBook Air.

It’s live now, be sure to check it out.

Blogger Buzz Analysis: HP Blackbird 002 PC Launch

Our engineering team has programmed a system that analyzes blog posts and online articles for sentiment regarding a specific company or product. We’ve been testing and tweaking the system for months, and have begun to open up our test results to the public for review. In addition, we’re working with a number of companies who are preparing product launches that will be tracked using our “Sentimine” system.

Below is an example of the results from an internal test surrounding a recent HP product announce.

The entire data set is available as an excel file here. We welcome your input on the results, and are eager to test any real-world projects you may have.