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The word “Spec” means a lot of different things to a lot of different companies. We’ve been asked, and it’s a fair question, “what does ‘spec’ mean to you guys?”

In other words, when you hire us to put together a Facebook Application Spec for you, what are you going to end up getting? Is it going to be an outline? Is it going to be the most detailed document in the history of mankind?

Most likely, it will be something like this:

Facebook Application Spec Consulting

Parnassus worked with a company who wanted to migrate a Web-based relocation advice system onto Facebook. Our advisors helped them navigate through Facebook’s API capabilities while steering clear of terms of use constraints and practices deemed socially undesirable.

Due to the nature of our non-disclosure agreement with this particular client, we cannot discuss some specifics of this consulting project.

Here’s what we can tell you:

  • We consulted on the translation of an abstract idea for a Facebook application into a practical spec.
  • We were able to help the client adapt his initial vision for the application to the limitations of the Facebook API and Terms of Service.
  • In speccing the application, we were able to work around the aspect of the terms of service that prohibits developers from storing any information about Facebook users outside the Facebook walled garden by creating cached HTML and FBML for profile and canvas pages that would be served by Facebook.
  • We were able to anticipate the need for more viral components and developed a strategy to drive application adoption and continued engagement.
  • Our development team is poised to begin coding the application according to the client’s timetable.

Mogo Media: Facebook Application Development

When Mogo Media decided to launch a Facebook application to help promote their conferences and seminars, they hired us to create a series of tip sharing widgets. The first of these is the “InDesign Tips” application which allows the community of Adobe InDesign enthusiasts to share and rate their favorite shortcuts and techniques.

Conference seats and software prizes are awarded to those contributors whose contributions are deemed as best for getting the most out of this popular design and layout tool.