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Defining the Conversation

Facebook application planning with Zazengo

Finding the right balance of viral features, optimizing for Facebook’s structure, and avoiding the various pitfalls in the ever-shifting Facebook Terms of Service can be a full-time job. We helped Zazengo spot viral opportunities and plan out the functionality of their application.

Blogger Engagement with RIPL

We consulted with RIPL on planning a blogger engagement strategy for the launch of their music-based social network.


inFlightHQ is a blog that publishes tools, tips, and techniques for being productive at 30,000 feet. inFlightHQ was launched in partnership with Connexion by Boeing in 2005 and was touted by Steve Rubel as being a “brilliant and very safe application for corporate blogs.”

InflightHQ specifically targets technology-savvy business professionals demanding frequent Internet connectivity when traveling. Some recent article postings on InflightHQ range from ways to find free wifi when traveling to reviews of the best ultra-portable laptops for in-flight computing.

Fast Company Magazine said of inFlightHQ: “these bloggers offer advice and links to gear and services that make your time in the tin can more bearable.”

Blogging as a Blogger Engagement Strategy

When our clients at Jott wanted to engage with bloggers, we advised them to use their blog to augment more traditional outreach practices.

By posting and linking to blogosphere commentary surrounding the launch of their new features, Jott was able to amplify and expand upon the initial coverage in the blogosphere.

We served as a subcontractor to public relations firm Beyer/Kahn on this account.

Facebook Application Spec Consulting

Parnassus worked with a company who wanted to migrate a Web-based relocation advice system onto Facebook. Our advisors helped them navigate through Facebook’s API capabilities while steering clear of terms of use constraints and practices deemed socially undesirable.

Due to the nature of our non-disclosure agreement with this particular client, we cannot discuss some specifics of this consulting project.

Here’s what we can tell you:

  • We consulted on the translation of an abstract idea for a Facebook application into a practical spec.
  • We were able to help the client adapt his initial vision for the application to the limitations of the Facebook API and Terms of Service.
  • In speccing the application, we were able to work around the aspect of the terms of service that prohibits developers from storing any information about Facebook users outside the Facebook walled garden by creating cached HTML and FBML for profile and canvas pages that would be served by Facebook.
  • We were able to anticipate the need for more viral components and developed a strategy to drive application adoption and continued engagement.
  • Our development team is poised to begin coding the application according to the client’s timetable.

Monster Cable: Blog Strategy Consulting

Monster Cable hired us us to advise them in the planning for the launch of their own blogging initiative, and has sponsored our “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” blogger party.

Robert Scoble and Brian Solis at the “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” blogger party.