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What a Half Million Tweets Tell us About the iPad – It Needs a Camera

Since we do Tweet analysis for consumer electronics firms, I decided to take a quick look at the hottest product out there at the moment.

Since yesterday, we’ve captured over 500,000 tweets mentioning the iPad. A little linguistic analysis of the 2,200 tweets that contain the word “missing” reveal some commonalities.

If you run these thorough a simple word cloud service and filter out the terms that don’t align (i.e. “Apple” etc.) Here is the result:

Looks like camera, Flash, and USB are the most mentioned deficiencies.

If you sort them by frequency here is how it shakes out:

camera 152
flash 135
usb 80
port 46
video 46
slot 45
sd 44
multitasking 41
card 36
link 30
screen 29
adapters 27
keyboard 24
verizon 23
3g 22

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